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A dmenu-vertical menu which searches through your history and bookmarks kind of like vimperator does, just less pretty. Let me know what you think.


Latest version can be found here:

#!/usr/bin/env python
#Vincent Kriek <vincent at vincentkriek dot nl>
#  dmenu with vertical patch and the ability to define position I used
#  xwininfo

import os
import subprocess
import sys

### Config settings, remember, everything must be a string!!!
y 						= "0" #This is the y-pos of dzen
x 						= "0" #This is the x-pos of dzen
width 				= "1000" #Dzen's width
lines 				= "10" #Number of vertical lines in dzen
bg 						= "darkgrey" #Dzen's background color
fg 						= "darkgreen" #Dzen's foreground
sb 						= "black"
sf 						= "red"
font 					= "monospace"
bookmarkfile 	= os.path.join(os.environ['XDG_DATA_HOME'],'uzbl/keywordBookmarks.txt')
historyfile 	= os.path.join(os.environ['XDG_DATA_HOME'],'uzbl/history')

xwin = subprocess.Popen(["xwininfo", "-id", sys.argv[3]], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
xwininfo = xwin.communicate()[0]
xwinArray = xwininfo.split("\n")
print len(xwinArray)
for line in xwinArray:
	if line.find("Absolute upper-left X") != -1:
		print line
		x = line.split(":")[1]
		x = x.strip(" ");
		print x
	if line.find("Absolute upper-left Y") != -1:
		y = line.split(":")[1]
		y = y.strip(" ")
	if line.find("Width") != -1:
		width = line.split(":")[1]
		width = width.strip(" ")
cat = subprocess.Popen(["cat", bookmarkfile, historyfile], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
dmenu = subprocess.Popen(["dmenu", "-xs", "-fn", font, "-l", lines, "-x", x, "-y", y, "-w", width, "-sb", sb, "-sf", sf, "-nb", bg, "-nf", fg], stdin=cat.stdout, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
output = dmenu.communicate()[0]
output = output.split(" ")

for i in output:
	if i.startswith("http://"):
		if sys.argv[8] == "tab":
				os.system("uzbl \"%s\"" % i)
		elif sys.argv[8] == "open":
			os.system("uzblctrl -s %s -c \"uri %s\"" % (sys.argv[5], i))


bind    e          = spawn $XDG_DATA_HOME/uzbl/scripts/ open 
bind    E       = spawn $XDG_DATA_HOME/uzbl/scripts/ tab
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