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mathstuf's branches

Topic branches (merge what you want from these):

* dev/add-new-keybindings

      Adds new keybindings which I found useful.

* dev/build-fixes

      Fixes the build to link against X11 (default linker behavior now
      requires that all libraries be explicitly linked if symbols are used)

* dev/cleanup-scripts

      Use a util/ directory within the scripts/ directory to factor out
      common code (dmenu feature detection, directories Uzbl uses, etc.)
      NOTE: This branch is subject to force-pushes to clean up history
      (mainly to remove this "temporary" commit which accidentally got
      pushed, but other changes may be done in the mean time):

* dev/cookie-jar-fixes

      Topic branch containing cookie jar fixes by bct

* dev/fix-resource-leaks

      WIP: Branch to fix resource leaks within uzbl

* dev/per-site-settings

      Run custom commands based on url and path

* dev/python3-support

      WIP: Add python3 support to the default event manager (not done yet as
      some things break python2 support)

* dev/scroll-percentage

      Use an EXPOSE event to update a scrollbar percentage (has some corner
      cases and can cause lots of CPU usage when windows move over Uzbl, see
      dev/scroll-percentage-by-scrollbars instead)

* dev/scroll-percentage-by-scrollbars

      Uses WebKit's scrollbars to determine the scroll percentage

* dev/warn-on-no-config

      Warn when the user's configuration can't be made instead of failing
      (default uzbl-browser only)

The master branch contains everything I consider stable merged into it. Please place pull requests against the appropriate topic branch for patches.

Rob's Branch

This branch holds all the new experimental features including Uzbl events.

Browse it on the web:

Clone it:

git clone git://

Mason's Branch

This branch holds bleeding-edge event manager stuff.

Browse it on the web:

Clone it:

git clone git://

Keis's Branch

rework of modcmd/keycmd in the EM. misc. stuff

Browse it on the web:

Clone it:

git clone git://
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