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make statusbar 2 lines big

new statusbar consisting of 2 lines

set status_format = <span>line1&#10;line2</span>

Insert/command indicator is a colour

In command mode ”[Ins]” is black, in insert mode it's red.

set status_format = <span font_family="monospace"><span background="khaki" foreground="\@[\@MODE]\@">[Ins]</span> [<span weight="bold" foreground="red">\@[\@keycmd]\@</span>] <span foreground="#606060"> \@[\@LOAD_PROGRESSBAR]\@ </span><span foreground="#99FF66">\@[\@uri]\@</span> <span foreground="khaki">\@[\@NAME]\@</span>   <span foreground="orange">\@status_message</span><span foreground="#606060"> \@[\@SELECTED_URI]\@</span></span>
set insert_indicator = red
set command_indicator = black

Binding ctrl+w to close uzbl

A lot of browsers use ctrl+w to close the tab, and if you're used to it, it's uzbl for you!

  • fire up vim and edit your uzbl configuration file
  • change to insert mode and start a new line
  • repeat after me: bind ctrl+v ctrl+w = exit
  • save and exit :wq

You can also try different combinations, though some might not work :p


Implement the tabopen command from vimperator, although it starts a new uzbl

bind t _    = sh 'uzbl --uri %s'

This could be improved with a command line tool to url and bash escape a url in a variable. Anyone know a good way?

bind    vr        = sh 'echo uri "$6" > $4'

The binding is vr because r and s were already taken.

I've written a better script reddit.

Get tinyurl of current url in primary

using the tinyurl api/wget/xclip

@bind xurl = sh 'wget -O - "\@uri" | xclip'

Switch to insert mode when javascript focuses text element

(Thanks to rob| in #uzbl.)

@on_event LOAD_FINISH sh 'if [ "\@<document.activeElement.type>\@" = "text" ]; then echo "event FORM_ACTIVE" > $4; fi'

This helps alleviate the confusion that happens when, for example, loads with the cursor flashing in the text entry box, but uzbl is still in command mode. Now, it goes straight to insert mode.

Get the current page in gvim in order to copy some text

@cbind   v  = sh 'echo "js document.documentElement.outerHTML" | socat - unix-connect:$5 | html2text -nobs -width 160 | gvim - -c "set nofen"'

Switch to insert mode after loading login informations with formfiller script

After loading you can not login with enter because you are not in insert mode. This binding switches to insert mode autmatically after loading the login informations.

@cbind  zl  = chain "@script_dir/ load" "@set_mode insert"
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