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Follow Links with dmenu. Very usefull on sites one knows well.

Works without Uzbl Object.

(See also



Copy the perl script and the javascript the same directory and bind the perl script for example with:

@bind f = spawn @scripts_dir/


A Title of an anchor is, in this order:

- his first non-empty textnode child
- the first non-empty "alt" attribute
- the first non-empty "title" attribute
- the first non-empty id
- the first non-empty src

In every case, not the first but the longest should be used. The title of the anchor itself should be used, too. Anchors that arent Links should be ignored. All non-ASCII Char should be removed from the Title, or a utf8-aware dmenu should be used. Or something like that. · Last modified: 2016/08/31 14:10 (external edit)