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A bit like a bastard of the Ff Extensions noscript and foxyproxy. For now, these settings are implemented:

- Plugins allow/deny
- Javascript allow/deny
- Image loading allow/deny
- Proxy none/url

This script is very experimental. The new event handler in the uzbl experimental branch may render it useless.

Get the scripts


Copy all three scripts to your scripts directory and bind them. The get Script needs to be bound to the commit_handler:

@on_event LOAD_COMMIT spawn @scripts_dir/

The set script has some options, first is one of “whatever”, “domain”, or “host”. Where “whatever” allows the current directory and everthing below. The other Options set the things that are to allow or deny. These are:

- s{1/0}: allow/deny scripts
- p{1/0}: allow/deny plugins
- p{1/0}: allow/deny image auto loading
- x{0/STRING}: disable Proxy or set Proxy to string

More convenient is the use of script, which features a nice GTK Interface.

The default Settings deny scripts and plugins but allow image auto loading and disable proxy.


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