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  • MacPorts ticket #19896 has been merged months ago, so there is no need to do manual patch any more.
  • The ticket #21146 to request committing uzbl into MacPorts repo is still pending due to nobody step up as maintainer as of 2009-12-09.

Outdated as of 2009-12-09

This portfile requires unmerged patches to the Makefile to build correctly

You will also need to patch your WebKit as indicated here:

Do this by downloading the patch to:


and adding “patch-purgable-buffer.diff” to the PortFile


# $Id$
# PortFile for the uzbl browser
# Aaron Griffin <>
PortSystem          1.0
name                uzbl
version             20090616 #Change to rebuild
categories          www
description         Uzbl Web Browser
long_description    A browser that adheres to the unix philosophy.
platforms           darwin
fetch.type          git
git.url             git://                                                                                                
git.branch          origin/master
use_configure       no 
destroot.args       PREFIX=${destroot}${prefix}
depends_lib         port:gtk2 \
                    port:webkit-gtk \
depends_build       port:pkgconfig


Put this in a file named PortFile and run

$ sudo port install

in the same directory

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