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Bookmarks and history

  • – System for keeping a queue of articles you intend to read.
  • bookmarker – Filterfish bookmarker tool with fulltext/page searching (see for demo)
  • – Usual bookmarker that can also bookmark all uzbl-browser instances and open several bookmarks at a time.
  • clean_history – Simple script that removes all duplicates from your history file
  • – Bookmark script using a GTK dialog and check for duplicates.
  • – Modified bookmark script in bash using zenity, tags and checking for dupes.
  • keyword-bookmarks – A bookmarker that also handles keywords
  • per-instance-history – Display the history selection menu on a per instance basis.
  • – My [slightly different] version of a session save/restore script
  • tagging_suggestions – Shows collobrative tagging suggestions for URLs. Useful for for bookmarking.
  • – Another version of session save/restore script with named and editing sessions.
  • bookmark_with_tags_for_folders – A dmenu which will search through your bookmarks via the first tag and let you select bookmarks filed by tag
  • Dynamic Zooming – Zoom the contents of a website based on uzbl's window size
  • – Follow Links with dmenu (also works without Uzbl Object)
  • follow_Numbers_Customizable.js – The same, but you can either use default action of link or do arbitrary handling via setting window.itemClicker; also intial link finding was taken from linkfollow.js and keyboard rebinding was taken from configurable-jump
  • followSelected.js – Follow selected (highlighted) link
  • – Generate local html directory listing.
  • genericFollow.js – I took Jake's follower and added to it the ability to do nothing and just return the chosen link. That allows to use it for link-hovering, or some other special handling of the links.
  • go-input – Focus the first form input and enter insert mode (known as “gi” from vimperator)
  • go-next/prev – Go to the next/previous page (known as ”[ [” ”] ]” from vimperator)
  • go-to – Intelligent o-dialog for searching Google or browsing an uri.
  • go-up – Go one step upwards in page structure (known as “gu” from vimperator)
  • increment/decrement uri (known as ”<C-a>” and ”<C-x>” from vimperator)
  • new window from javascript – Open a link in a new uzbl instance from javascript (Why not just
  • url-from-surfraw – Use surfraw to search/browse to an uri.
  • url-from-surfraw-or-history – Browse to an uri using a vimperator like method.



These download handlers don't work with current versions of uzbl, but can easily be converted.

Working on current version

  • dm-dm – a dmenu oriented wget helper


Alternative Event Managers

  • cpp-em – event manager in c++
  • Lisp-EM – A Lisp EM by Michael Raskin. This is a near-complete rewrite of the previous one. It seems to work with ECL and SBCL, and should work with CCL as well. Even the compatibility was ignored..

Scripts that alter webpage

  • adblock – adblocker, that aims to be compatibile with gecko ABP+
  • adblock.js – pure js adblocker that uses beforeload and regex
  • noscript – A very simple script that uses a whitelist to allow javacript for certain urls
  • noscript.js – blocks javascript
  • – Simple script to use custom stylesheets for websites (similar to stylish for Firefox).
  • custom-error-page – Create your own, custom error pages
  • flashblock – script that mimics firefox's flashblock plugin
  • lich.css – Lich's dark CSS style
  • rsget.js – Add links to remote instance
  • thunktone.css – Thunktone's CSS with kludges to restyle mediawiki and other sites
  • – Greasemonkey-like
  • uzbl-ab – simple but efficient ads blocker framework

Desktop environment integration

  • awesome – Awesome WM integration
  • gtk_default – set uzbl as default browser in GTK
  • metacity-tabs – Keybindings to make metacity act like it has tabs
  • wmii – WMII integration


  • auto-status – show status bar only when “necessary”
  • canto – Canto integration
  • cleancookies – Remove expired cookies, remove blacklisted cookies or remove all cookies except whitelisted
  • command_history – python event-manager plugin to keep a command history.
  • dark_input – Dark background for inputs and textareas
  • dump – scripts that dump current web page as HTML or plain text
  • external_editor – A script that enable you to edit text and textareas in you favourite editor
  • – extract all uris/urls from a homepage
  • favicon – Favicon support
  • fit-window – resize the window to fit the page size and reduce the need for scrolling
  • google_clip – Google what's in your clipboard
  • html-mode – Introducing uzbl's HTML mode
  • paranoid-formfiller – formfiller with GPG support to store passwords
  • reddit – Submit articles to reddit, now with url escaping
  • scroll-percentage – VIM ruler style scroll message
  • speeddial – A sort of speeddial generator written in python
  • undo – Undo closed window
  • undo_tabbed - Undo closed tab
  • uzbl – Borne shell script to open a local file, including MAFF archives
  • uzbl-extension-manager – A simple extension manager for Uzbl, opens the file extension ”.uzbl”
  • – autologin on wiki
  • uzbltab – tab manager
  • uzbltreetab – treeview based tab manager
  • view-site-images – view all images from the current website
  • youtube-dl – youtube-dl integration
  • ytvp – Replace YouTube streaming with mplayer instead of flash
  • zoom_in – Controls zooming and manages a per domain zoom level
  • – Show current keybinding.

uzbl showroom

  • gmapsfind – Search Openstreetmap with coordinates from Google Maps


Things that aren't very useful on their own, but you might like to reuse the code in your own scripts.

  • scripts-faq - hints and snippets for things that come up often in scripts
  • uzblctrl-pl – A simple perl version of uzblctrl
  • uzblctrl-py – uzblctrl as a Python function

Out of date

  • bookmark-history-search – A dmenu which searches through your bookmarks and history, inspired by vimperator. (Out of date as of 2009-11-7)
  • configurable-jump – Hacked version of the jump script that makes the link hint keys configurable Eg. instead of “fl12” you can “fLab” (Deprecated as of 2010-02-02)
  • middle click links – Open links in a new instance (Deprecated as of 2009-11-7)
  • pan – Adds the ability to pan the page like you would a Image/PDF viewer.i (Needs update to clean out Uzbl object references)
  • protocol_handler – A basic protocol handler (Out of date - needs Uzbl object)
  • protocol_handler_events – A modification of previous item; it raises event like LINK_MAILTO when clicking on link and the action is abstracted out a bit for easy use with link followers (Out of date - needs Uzbl object)
  • sessionuzbl – Save and restore open uzbl windows (Out of date as of 2009-11-07)
  • tagged history – Categorise your history with tags (Out of date as of 2009-11-07)
  • uzbl_tabbed – A tabbed version of uzbl (Out of date as of 2009-11-7)
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