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Google is fine. But sometimes privacy and stuffs like that are important. So, if you want to use Scroogle as search engine, maybe this line can be useful:

@cbind gg<Scroogle:>_ = set inject_html = <html><body><form action="" method="POST" id="scroogle"><input type="hidden" name="Gw" value="\@[%s]\@" /></form><script type="text/javascript">document.forms['scroogle'].submit();</script></body></html>

Scroogle wants a POST request in HTTPS. To do this, I create a form in the current page.

Edit: According to Scroogle, even the GET method is safe when using SSL, so ”set uri =” might be enough. (Though then you'll lose the stability of ”value="\@[%s]\@"”, and ampersands won't work in search terms, if you care.)

Tip: The SSL page does implicitly support 20 and 50 results per page. (Check the HTML.)
Append ”&n=2” to the query string (if using GET), or add ”<input type="hidden" name="n" value="2" />” to the form element (if using POST).
That gives 20 results. Use 5 in place of 2 to get 50.

Or, for using GET, SSL, 100 results per page, results in English and any character you want in the search term, use:

@cbind  gg<Scroogle:>_  = uri\@<encodeURIComponent(%r)>\@&n=1&l=en
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