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Rob's desktop



scp1's desktop, acid3 (top: vimperator, bottom: uzbl)

tjwoosta's setup with KISS stylesheets from

Uzbl on MacOS X

cdwillis's Uzbl on a netbook using dwm

ruskie's Uzbl on Source Mage with minimal FVWM

ruskie's Uzbl screenshot for newspost (requested by Dieter)

Uzbl embedded in Emacs

Lich's setup

Spiral with Dynamic Zooming

This uses xmonad’s spiral layout and Rob’s dynamic zooming script. The zoom level of each window is equal to the width of that window divided by the width of the largest window. The amount of content visible in each window is constant even as the windows move and grow larger or smaller. (The only caveat is that the smallest font size Webkit supports is 5 point, so the smallest windows have too large a font for their size and appear slightly distorted.)

Demonstrating completion plugin

Vim syntax highlighting for the uzbl config

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