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TODO: add a way to browse to files. Please edit this page directly if you find an elegant way to add this feature.

This script is a (very) slightly modified version of url-from-surfraw that allows to complete among the uris of the history. It uses dmenu with vertical patch, so the result will probably look a bit different.

Bash script

# Default search engine.
# The location of the history
# Colors for dmenu
COLORS=" -nb #303030 -nf khaki -sb #CCFFAA -sf #303030"
# Prompt for dmenu
PROMPT="Go to: "
# Use surfraw to search for the words
function search()
    # Does surfraw know what to do with it?
    url=$(surfraw -print $@)
    # If not, then use the default search engine
    if [ $? -ne 0 ]
        url=$(surfraw -print $DEFAULT_SEARCH $@)
    echo $url
# We assume that this is a URL
function goto()
    case "$1" in
        *:*) echo $1 ;;
        *) echo "http://$1" ;;
# Use dmenu to navigate through possible choices
function present_menu()
  elvi=$(surfraw -elvi | cut -f 1 | tail --lines=+2)
  uris=$(cut -d\  -f 3 "$HISTORY" 2>/dev/null | tac | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r | tr -d ' [:digit:]')
  bookmarks=$(cut -d\  -f 1 ~/.surfraw.bookmarks)
  echo "${uris} ${elvi} ${bookmarks}" | tr ' ' '\n' | dmenu -p "$PROMPT" -l 10 -i $COLORS
present_menu | \
  ( read car cdr
    test -z "$car" && exit 1
    ( test -z "$cdr" && echo $car | fgrep -c '.
:' > /dev/null && goto $car ) || search "$car $cdr" )


The above script can be bound in your uzbl config in the following ways. To open the selected page in the current window:

@bind o = sh 'uri=`$XDG_DATA_HOME/uzbl/scripts/` && echo "uri $uri" > $4'

You can also use it to open a new UZBL instance with the new URL (similar to tab-open in vimperator):

@bind t = sh 'uri=`$XDG_DATA_HOME/uzbl/scripts/` && uzbl-browser --uri $uri'

Note that this last way indicates a way to call this script directly from your window manager.

sh 'uri=`$XDG_DATA_HOME/uzbl/scripts/` && uzbl-browser --uri $uri'
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