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youtube-dl integration

This script allows you to pull down the highest quality version of a YouTube video as an MP4 file, letting you avoid having to use Flash Player.

To use this script as is, you will need an youtube-dl and ratpoison (for completion notifications), though changes can be made to fit your personal setup. Feel free to add any mods to this page!


cd ~/Downloads                                   # change this line to determine where the file is saved
python2 youtube-dl -o %\(title\)s.%\(ext\)s "$1" # -o output template is optional
# play with mplayer after download
savename=`python2 youtube-dl -o %\(title\)s.%\(ext\)s --get-filename "$1"`
mplayer -really-quiet "$savename"
ratpoison -c "echo [ytdl-uzbl] $1 done."         # change this line to change how you are notified of a
                                                 # completed download


Add the following line to your uzbl config file:

@cbind    ytdl      = sh '~/bin/ "$UZBL_URI"'
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