Uzbl Keybindings

These keybindings are totally customizable. You can edit $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/uzbl/config to modify them or add more.

Navigating the Web

o opens a URL

O edits the current URL

S stops loading

b goes back

m goes forward

U searches the history

r reloads the current page

fl selects a link or form element using the keyboard

Fl selects a link to open in a new window using the keyboard

w opens a new window

c clones the current window

Navigating the Page

j scrolls down

k scrolls up

h scrolls left

l scrolls right

Page Up or Ctrl-b scrolls up one screen

Spacebar or Ctrl-f scrolls down one screen

<< or Home scrolls to the top of the page

>> or End scrolls to the bottom of the page

/ searches the current page

? searches the current page in reverse

n goes to next result further down the page

N goes to next result further up the page


Uzbl's default configuration is modal (although a completely modeless configuration should be possible).

In "command" mode, everything you type is interpreted by uzbl as a command.

In "insert" mode, everything you type is passed to the web page, for form input or the web page's keybindings.

i or Ctrl-i switches to insert mode

Esc or Ctrl-[ returns to command mode and clears the current command

Web search

ddg searches duckduckgo

gg searches Google


Use these within uzbl-tabbed.

gn opens a new tab

go opens a URL in a new tab

gC closes the current tab

gQ cleans tabs

g< goes to the first tab

g> goes to the last tab

gt goes to the next tab

gT goes to the previous tab

gi goes to a given tab index


The terminology here is a bit confusing, please look at this article if you're not familiar with X selections.

For these commands to work, xclip must be installed.

yu copies the current URL to the primary selection

yU copies the URL of the hovered link to the primary selection

yy copies the page title to the primary selection

p goes to the URL in the primary selection

P goes to the URL in the clipboard selection

'p opens the URL in the primary selection in a new window

Shift-Insert pastes the primary selection into the status bar ("command" mode) or active form ("insert" mode)

Advanced Commands

s sets a variable

: issues an uzbl command

!reload reloads configuration file

Ctrl-Mod1-t opens a terminal that prints events and can issue commands to uzbl