Cool new stuff. First release. And a nice community contribution...


Hi. I intend to make the lives of downstream packagers a little easier so I will call my master tags "releases" and provide links to tarballs. Expect a new release every few weeks or so.

So here is the first uzbl alpha release, version 2009.07.03

This version brings:

  • A JS object to execute commands (be sure to read the security implications in the readme)
  • config file changes: command substitution, variable expansion, javascript substitution
  • bidirectional socket (responses come back through the socket now)
  • reading config from stdin is optional now (so you can background uzbl)
  • Makefile compat fix, typos, XDG paths bugfix and more small stuff

For people with crappy window managers or on platforms over which they have very little control (*cough* you know who you are), lazy ones or just those who haven't seen the light yet, there is more good news:

Some people in the community have taken it on them to improve a lot! ( was the proof of concept script introduced 2 weeks ago to demonstrate the Xembed functionality) While it is quite new, I must say it is starting to look quite nice (and configurable).

It's not for everyone, but I think some people will really like it. You'll find this updated version in the example scripts directory.

Screenshot Screenshot

More info: Uzbl wiki: uzbl tabbed

PS: There are still plenty of patches in my todo list. Give me some more time :)

kthxbye. Dieter