2009.07.18: unit testing, better variable expansion, new_window handler and more


I recently introduced a new contribution workflow which allows us to handle contributions more transparantly and efficiently, and thanks to it, I've been able to integrate a lot of pending code.

So, a 5818 lines changeset brings:

  • a unit testing framework
  • better variable expansion with support for constants and html escaping.
  • delete our old Gscanner based keyword replacer, we now use our variable expansion everywhere. Note that you probably have variables such as KEYCMD, MODE, UNAME, COMMIT etc in your user agent/statusbar, these will need to be replaced with the new variables/constants. Look at the sample config and readme for details.
  • documentation updates (a list of all possible variables and constants, among others)
  • customizable "new window" handler for links with target="_blank" and such
  • address scheme parameter for cookie handlers (sample cookie handlers are updated)
  • cookies.py should now also work better with gmail and facebook.
  • support for calling: uzbl example.com (eg you don't need the -u flag anymore), which helps integration with some other tools such as urxvt and Xfce.
  • added --version argument to see commit hash.
  • added --geometry flag to start uzbl with given geometry/position.
  • cleaned up sample config a bit
  • portability improvements (use more posix sh, work with gmake on BSD etc)
  • several small fixes and cleanups

Get it while it's hot:

Note: uzbl can still be quite slow if you're using a cookie handler. This is because we spawn a new process (and a script for that matter) for each single http request. We're working on resolving this...

Again, a huge thanks to the plenty of people who've done contributions!