2009.08.08: fast cookies (WIP), custom variables, default font_families and more


  • talk_to_socket command: yeah baby this is it. With this thing you can have handlers running in the background listening on a socket. You can use this for fast communication with handlers instead of respawning them all the time. You can try lwithers' cookie handler but some people are also working on a python one. Note that the current example config still uses the slower spawn command! We will improve this in the future to ship a socket based handler and use talk_to_socket by default.
  • removed html_mode in favor of "data URI scheme"
  • custom variables: you can now set your own variables in your scripts and config file and use them whereever you want.
  • setting of default font_families.
  • uzbl_tabbed.py:
    • on the fly session saving and loading
    • cleanup itself after being SIGTERM'd or SIGINT'd from the terminal
    • re-factored fifo code

Get it while it's hot:

Again, a huge thanks to all contributors! They are the ones making this happen.