Projects based on / inspired by Uzbl


Sometimes people disagree on some aspects and start their own project. Or they want more, and build something new on top of the existing codebase. Here is a list of all uzbl-based/inspired projects I'm aware of:

  • uzbl_tabbed: Python-based wrapper around uzbl (using Xembed) which provides tabs. This script is included with uzbl, in the examples directory. (started by Tom Adams and currently led by Mason Larobina)
  • pyweb: A browser ('framework') in python, inspired by uzbl. The main point here is complete integration with python, and hence compromiseless flexibility (if you like python) (led by Tom Adams)
  • surf: I think I can best describe it as: 'Surf is to Uzbl what dwm is to wmii.' Their codebase is smaller, but if you want to customize/integrate you'll need to hack some C. (
  • ffuzbl: A firefox add-on which brings the look and feel of uzbl to firefox. (but doesn't use uzbl itself) (Azer Koculu)
  • Ezbl: Probably the youngest of them all; this project aims to provide a browser in emacs by embedding uzbl using Xembed. (Daniel Hackney)

I also would like to port uzbl to / package uzbl for the n900. I have a project page (uzbl mobile) but didn't find the time to work on it yet.


PS: We're currently hacking and refactoring 'events' in uzbl. It will be much easier to handle all kinds of events (better then the current handlers) and also we'll be able to improve the keybind system a lot. (See mailing list post for details)