2009.09.12: many refactorings, fixes and improvements


  • uzbl: deprecate the history_handler variable. The script stays, but you can bind to load_finish_handler. (Tom Adams)
  • uzbl: more sensible (better performing) max_conns and max_conns_host (me)
  • uzbl: don't hardcode keycmd clearing on load_start and make it optional (Tom Adams)
  • uzbl: always_insert_mode fix (James S Wheaton)
  • cookie_daemon.py: domain whitelisting (Michael Fiano)
  • cookie_daemon.py: initscript-like {start|stop|restart|reload} commands (Mason Larobina)
  • cookie_daemon.py: prevent duplicate daemons (Mason Larobina)
  • uzbl_tabbed: multiline tablist (Jake Probst)
  • uzbl_tabbed: bring_to_front (Devon Jones)
  • Makefile: /usr/local prefix by default (Tom Adams)
  • configs: don't put things like hostname in default user-agent (me)
  • various code cleanups and improvements
  • deprecate uzblctrl in favor of the more generic socat tool. (Tom Adams)

  • 2009.09.12 tree

  • 2009.09.12 tgz

In the meanwhile, the event-messages branch has been moved into experimental. The diff is huge, it's still a work in progress but everyone clearly agrees that this is "the future".
It will bring many improvements, such as binding of special keys, a good implementation of Modkeys and finegrained event handling in whichever (scripting) language you want. See this mailing list thread for more details.