2009.11.29: Completion plugin, mouse events, better scrolling and more.



  • Keycmd completion plugin (see below) (Mason)
  • Mousebutton events (not yet combinable with modkeys) (Rob)
  • Improved scroll command (Nicolas Pouillard)
  • Security fixes in download.sh and scheme.py (Andy Spencer)
  • `search_clear` command to clear search string (Rob)
  • Give all executables in `$PATH` 'uzbl-' prefix (Dieter)
  • Socket I/O fixes (Rob)
  • better utf-8 handling with `KEY_PRESS/RELEASE` (Rob)
  • Point to correct prefix in default config (Dieter)
  • Removal of deprecated yank, clipboard, cookies.py scripts (Dieter)
  • Stacked bindings work from the insert mode now. (Mason)
  • `MODKEY_ADDITION` request to group multiple modkeys as one (Mason)
  • `IGNORE_KEY` request to customize which keys to ignore. This also allows non-english users to ignore function keys they need to press to access special characters without those keys registering as a modkey action. (Mason)
  • Many various fixes and improvements in code and documentation. big TODO cleanup

Keycmd completion plugin: This plugin for the event manager (used in uzbl-browser) completes:

  • variablenames (with '@' prefix)
  • commands
  • variablenames in the set command (without '@' prefix)

The completion plugin aims to behave as similar to bash completion as possible.
When you press 'Tab':

  • If there is only one possible completion, it will complete right away
  • Otherwise, the keycmd will expand to complete as much as possible and will show you all options when you press 'Tab' again
  • If the keyword is in the completion list and you press 'Tab' again a space will be injected into the keycmd, in the case of set completion a ' = ' will be injected instead.