2009.11.30: Bugfixes and two cool new scripts


Apparently the argument expansion of the script command was kinda broken for a while, which caused - among others - the linkfollower scripts to stop working, this release brings a fix and more cool stuff. Changes:

  • Scroll-percentage display script (like emacs and vim)
  • Script to edit textareas and other editables in external editor
  • Clean up sockets/fifos on SIGSEGV and other relevant signals (should fix most "fifo already exists" problems)
  • Fix malfunctioning parameter expansion when executing javascripts
  • Don't hardcode WM class

Thanks to Aldrik Dunbar (aka 'N3ON') for the scroll-percentage script and Rob and Mason for their good work as usual.

Two more notes:

  • The 'Ran out of links' warnings are caused by a regression in GTK. This is now fixed upstream
  • The linkfollower scripts need a big makeover. See this thread for more info.