2010.01.05: Nasty security bug


Simon Lipp brought to our attention a nasty security bug. Apparently there are ways for javascripts from a website to reach our 'Uzbl' object an use its "run" function, by using DOM method overriding, stack inspection and maybe more. I'm far from an expert in the field so I suggest you check the thread on the mailing list for more details. But basically, if site admins modify their JS they can use the 'Uzbl.run' feature to execute uzbl commands (such as shell commands). One of the many possible exploits is demonstrated here. It will show you the output of 'cat /etc/fstab'.

So do not run any uzbl version that has the 'Uzbl.run' feature (was introduced at release 2009-07-03).

We're currently finding out how to plug this hole decently without loosing features, but for now you should use this new release which is nothing more then 2009.11.22 with the Uzbl object disabled. This will break local javascripts who rely on it, such as: - link follower scripts - scroll-percentage.js (used for displaying the scroll percentage in statusbar) - extedit.js (used for editing html textareas with external editor) - js code in config to focus input area on pageload and change mode depending on focus.

All my git branches also have this temporary fix applied