2010.02.02: Uzbl-tabbed and linkfollowing back from the dead


A lot of patches have been piling up lately. Looking back I'm suprised myself so much has changed again.

First the awesome news:

  • Uzbl-tabbed is working again. Simon Lipp has done some great work refactoring it so that it works again after the big 2009.11.07 overhaul. It now uses uzbl events to control its behavior, which you can bind with the keybinding system from uzbl-core. Have a look at the added tabbed bindings in the config file. Also various other improvements have been made to it by him and Mason.
  • We have a new link follower script (follow.js). Not only brings this back linkfollowing after it broke in 2010.01.05 (this one doesn't depend on the Uzbl object), but you can actually configure which keys you want to use for hinting. Hence we dropped follow_Numbers.js and follow_Numbers_Strings.js. Thanks Jason Woofenden and 'tczy'.

Then the good news:

  • README cleanup (Daniel M. Hackney)
  • FAQ additions/updates (me)
  • config cleanup, added uzbl-tabbed bindings (Mason)
  • various fixes to various python scripts/plugins (Mason)
  • remove all references to Uzbl object and jsh in config. Middleclick-bind and yanking are working again, they are implemented in sh (Mason)
  • scrollbars_visible option (Simon Lipp)
  • some uriencode url fixes (Mason)
  • print_events (to stdout) option for uzbl-core (Simon Lipp)
  • argument expansion EM plugin (Mason)
  • cleaner buildprocess (don't force binary stripping, better sandbox, ... ) (Pawel, Mason, me)
  • directory reorganisation (me)
  • better javascript error handling (Simon Lipp)
  • strip leading whitespace from uri (PaweĊ‚ Zuzelski)
  • various other thingies...

The somewhat bad news: scroll-percentage.js, extedit.js, auto-insert-mode-on-field-focus and similar tricks are still broken. We're still figuring out how to bring back the Uzbl object (or something similar) in a secure way. We will probably use Google's isolated worlds but it's not yet ported to WebkitGtk+.

Hope I didn't forget anything...