2010.03.14: mouse pointer events, http auth handler, uzbl-tabbed improvements, ...


  • resource-request-starting event. An event for every resource requested (incl. images, stylesheets, etc) (Andrea Marchesini)
  • mouse pointer events. (No plugins yet to handle them) (Igor Bogomazov)
  • http basic authentication handler (Paweł Zuzelski)
  • Plugins can now share non-function objects through the export mechanism (Mason Larobina)
  • New uzbl-tabbed events: NEW_BG_TAB, NEW_TAB_NEXT, NEW_BG_TAB_NEXT to support opening tab next to current and background tabs (Dmytro Milinevskyy)
  • eval_js: print file where the error occured (Simon Lipp)
  • reset the keycmd on load start, not commit (fixes irritating keycmd reset when you were typing while a page was loading)
  • urlencode '@' characters when getting in urls from external sources (i.e. xclip) to prevent variable expansion (Mason Larobina). this is not a permanent fix. we should not alter the url, better escaping system will come some day.
  • fix typo's in zoom binds (Israel Levin)
  • uzbl-tabbed, cookie daemon and EM: don't flush stdout/stderr when not on tty (Israel Levin)
  • check webkit version at runtime, not compiletime (Paweł Zuzelski)
  • fixes in keybinding and related EM plugins (Mason)
  • various (Paweł Zuzelski, Mason, Rob, Dmytro Milinevskyy, me)