2010.04.03: Working gmails, better formfillers, less bads and more goods



  • One new formfiller.sh to rule them all. Features: posix sh, multiple profiles per site (if needed), correctly talks to uzbl (doesn't do any http)
  • download.sh: use content-disposition header (so you get more sensible filenames) and tell wget to use `$XDG_DATA_HOME/uzbl/cookies.txt`
  • bookmark script: strip tags from pagetitles when saving new bookmarks to avoid bogus separations
  • Removed inferior/duplicate/broken scripts: cookies.sh, follower.js, hint.js, formfiller.pl, linkfollow.js, scroll-percentage.js, extedit.js. In the future we will probably use formfiller.sh or something as extedit.js and scroll-percentage can maybe be reimplemented without using Uzbl.run()


  • Gtk notebook tab reordering
  • Handle SIGCHLD to correctly reap children
  • Simpler (and working) plaintext session saving/loading. no more json


  • Support both http and (new) javascript cookies. This should fix problems with gmail and probably other sites
  • `javascript_windows` parameter to control whether JS can open new windows by itself
  • replaced old `new_window` handler with `NEW_WINDOW` event. You can use this event to open links (normal links or js links) in the same/new window, but also to open the link in a new tab in uzbl-tabbed. (see config)
  • some fixes in cleanup()
  • Allow period character in variable names (update your user agent, see config)
  • Don't try to steal focus if in plug mode
  • simplify uri command. now just wraps around `set uri`
  • remove deprecated `download_handler`. we already use the `DOWNLOAD_REQUEST` event


  • you can use both tabs and spaces in the config now
  • `` binding to dump xclip contents into keycmd
  • `` binding to escape
  • Reload only reloads set commands. This avoids things such as adding entries to your menu twice when reloading (but does not restore binds anymore)
  • fix `` bind


  • stopped duplicate compiling
  • use DOCDIR
  • set correct permissions on all installed files


  • Vim syntax file for uzbl config

Dropped dependencies:

  • perl
  • python-json

From now on, we encourage users to write their scripts in either posix sh or in python, to minimize dependencies when the scripts end up in the main tree.

Syntax hilighting in vim:

syntax highlighting

This release is brought to you by Alex Alexander, Cedric Staub, Dmytro Milinevskyy, Jake Probst, James Campos, Pawel Tomak, PaweĊ‚ Zuzelski, Israel Levin and of course Mason Larobina, Rob Manea and myself.