2010.11.25: Beware, I Live! (Now faster, more stable and more capable)


Hey folks! Things have been quiet here for a while, but uzbl is still steadily improving. In the last 3 months we have:

  • fixed a bug that caused uzbl-tabbed to hog CPU time after closing a tab
  • introduced a C cookie daemon that uses a much faster algorithm than uzbl-cookie-daemon
  • fixed a crash when opening an image in a new window
  • fixed several memory leaks
  • added SCROLL_VERT and SCROLL_HORIZ events, which allow us to display the scroll percentage in the status bar again
  • added the show_inspector command to show the Web Inspector
  • added the enable_pagecache variable to enable the Webkit Page Cache
  • added some new default keybindings
  • refactored the default shell scripts to share code
  • and fixed and tidied lots of other little things

Thanks to Ben Boeckel, Michael Raskin, Daiki Ueno, Lars-Dominik Braun and PaweĊ‚ Zuzelski for these patches, and for keeping development active! (Thanks also to those whose patches still need to be merged, I'll be getting to those too.)

There's still a lot that all of us can do to help make uzbl better, and a lot of cool things that uzbl can do for us. I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with!