2011.03.14: Happy Pi Day


Today's release brings you:

  • a command history event manager plugin. Default bindings are <Up> and <Down> for browsing recent commands, and <Ctrl>r for searching through the command history.
  • an updated (much more readable) formfiller script. Unfortunately the new formfiller uses a different data syntax, so any saved data remaining from the old formfiller won't work.
  • improved vim syntax highlighting
  • a current_encoding variable that lets you force the current page to be interpreted with a certain text encoding.
  • support for cookie daemons (deprecated in the last release) has been removed.

And of course various bugfixes.

Many thanks to this month's team: Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı, Felix Herrmann, k0ral, David Keijser, Jake Probst, and Gregor Uhlenheuer. Any breakages are my fault :).