2011.07.17: Time Keeps on Slipping


Well hello again! It's been a few months since the last time we talked. Since then, uzbl has gained:

  • a download command that triggers a download (this is useful because it can use the cookies and authorization details that are available to webkit)
  • a script for saving URLs to read later has been added to the example configuration. <Ctrl>d adds a URL to the list, and D loads a URL from it.
  • some uses of X properties. Uzbl now sets an UZBL_URI X property on its windows, and a window_role variable is available to set the WM_WINDOW_ROLE property. Some window managers can use these properties to treat different Uzbl windows differently.
  • the scrollbars_visible option has been removed when Uzbl is built with GTK3. Scrollbars can be hidden using GTK's styling capabilities.
  • we now automatically build a GTK3 version if possible.

And various bugfixes (window resizing on some window managers, opening paths on the local filesystem, etc.).