2016.02.28: uzbl 0.9


Uzbl version 0.9.0 is released.

With a lot of big refactoring and smaller patches piling up over the past years this release is, needless to say, way overdue.

So what's with the version number? Why not 1.0? We wanted to make a 1.0 the version with fully supported WebKit2, but this is not that. In fact WebKit2 support is completely removed from 0.9 to let us focus on getting something stable.

With 179 files changed, 20242 insertions(+), 10994 deletions(-) the full list of changes would be much to long include here, instead here's a small overview.

  • A big refactor and clean-up of core
  • An almost rewrite of the python event-manager
  • Restructured and renamed commands for better consistency
  • Support for composing characters using dead keys
  • And various assorted bug fixes

The new release is available on github. Also make sure to read the upgrading instructions if upgrading from earlier versions.

Looking ahead WebKit2 is the next big challenge and the plan is to start building uzbl 1.0 in the next branch that will only support WebKit2 but still with the same API towards scripts etc. as this release.