More goodies


The uzbl project is now just over one month old. To celebrate that we bring you the following goodies in the master branch:

  • sample script "form filler". aids in creating and running per-domain configs for auto-filling of html form values. ( eg "remember password" but more flexible)
  • various more things to tune (autoload_images, enable_spellcheck, disable_scripts, resizeable_text_areas, default_encoding and more)
  • Html mode so you can "use | uzbl | like this" and do really fancy things.
  • Webkit inspector
  • loading of JS in files
  • slightly improved command syntax (see example configs)
  • bugfixes and many small improvements (suprise !)
  • better documentation

As usual, don't have too high expectations. We are not even alpha yet... We've seen again great interest and input from many people. Thanks a lot guys and girls.