Xembed, more useful sample configs/scripts and more.


Master branch now contains/supports:

  • Gtk Plug/Socket (Xembed), comes with sample python script for tabbing uzbl
  • a simpler way to play/test/develop/use for real: The same config file and set of scripts can now used for all situations, by just overriding the XDG variables.
  • patches for building on some different *nixes (BSD,OSX)
  • bugfix for segfault on multibyte backspacing.
  • Gtk icon.
  • Zoom type toggle (full content vs only text)

There is a lot of stuff pending to be merged in experimental as well (javascript/greasemonkey/DOM exposure/full duplex socket/uzbl config language features,..), so stay tuned!

As usual, thanks to all contributors. The list just keeps growing and growing.