2 Months of hacking (working). A status update.


Depending on who you ask, you'll get various opinions on the state and usability of uzbl. Some people are already using it full-time, others are waiting for (or hacking on) one or two specific features they really want.

For me personally, what I still consider must-haves that are not finished yet:

  • better (faster) way of doing cookies, using one process instead of forking expensive python scripts all the time. (this is being worked on)
  • a good instance management script that considers tag/name/page state etc.

Others seem to want:

  • DOM access from C ~ better link following. (this is being worked on)
  • greasemonkey and fancier JS extensions. (this is being worked on)
  • a slightly more versatile configuration language (being worked on)
  • refactoring keyboard shortcut interface

But other then that, yeah uzbl is pretty usable.

Also, I don't know about you but I just love (random) statistics so here you go:

  • peak amount of people on IRC: 83
  • project followers on github: 95
  • mailing list messages: 101
  • commits (experimental): 1123
  • lines of C code: 3198 (I hope this doesn't rise too much anymore)
  • lines of code in sample scripts: 1341
  • contributors: 27 (including myself)
  • website visits: 33.600 (12.681 on may 26th, the day we were on HackerNews)

Furthermore, it seems like the wiki also started flourishing: The howtos section lists tutorials for Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, PLD, MacOSX and NixOS. And on the scripts and config pages people are posting really cool stuff.